Like most people, I never had much luck with New Years Resolutions.  They just never seemed to stick.  That is until I  stumbled upon this method years ago.

I write myself a New Year’s letter and then stash it away and “forget” about it until the following New Years Eve.  Instead of lamenting how I failed at last years resolutions, I look forward to opening this letter every year to see how I did.

The really cool part is that often the items that I check off are ones I don’t even remember writing.  Things I never consciously focused on that seem to have quietly worked away in the background without any bother or stress.

It’s a fun and insightful activity whether alone or with family and friends.  

Get Your Stuff Together

Create a space with greeting cards, paper, special stationary, colored pens or anything that inspires your creativity. 

Set the Mood

Light a candle or two, uncork a bottle of wine (or pour some tea) and turn your thoughts to visions of your perfect year.  You can find my partial list for the coming year at the bottom of this post.

Have Fun

It doesn’t matter how outrageous the goal or intention, the idea is to capture the feeling of that perfect you and the perfect year.  

If you’re doing this with friends or your partner share your vision. If you are alone, you may want to journal a little and maybe include these thoughts in your letter.

Write Your Letter

Once you’re in the “zone” and really feel the excitement of the new year, begin writing your intentions.  Write them in a positive way as if they are already fact. 

After you have it all down, seal it in an envelope, stash it away and then open it sometime after Christmas the following year to see how it went.  

I think you will be pleasantly surprised and you just may make this your new tradition too.  Let me know how it goes or share your favorite New Year hacks in the comments below.  

Roma’s Sample New Years Letter

2019 was absolutely amazing.  

Throughout the year I focused on writing and building a successful freelance business. I had plenty of time to enjoy family and friends.  Everyone was prosperous and focused on growing, learning new things and sharing new adventures. 

I speak truth to bullshit (Brene Brown) in an unbiased politically neutral way that offers constructive actionable alternatives and solutions.

I write at least one 1500+ word article per week

I create insta “inklings” (2 minute reads) at least 4 times a week

I create and consistently publish a short newsletter every Thursday

I reach out to at least 5 prospects every week.

I have 10 paying clients.

I have written 3 e-books addressing the biggest challenges currently facing our generation – ageism, longevity and the new unretirement.

New and exciting opportunities come my way at exactly the right time and in exactly the right way.

My focus, concentration and memory continually improves.

I approach every day and every situation with a positive and constructive attitude.

All my financial needs are easily met.

I have an amazing, interesting and active tribe on social media.

I always stick to the one drink limit when it comes to social media.

I do something I have never done before at least once a month.

I go somewhere I have never been before (even if it is near home) at least once a month.

I explore a state or country I have never been before at least once a year.

I went to “paint and sip” night

I danced more

I drummed more

I was “present” more.

We did short hikes at least once a week (weather permitting).

We went mountain biking or kayaking at least twice a month in the summer.

I can have a basic conversation in french

When I am triggered or feel anxious I take a moment  (or as long as it takes) before opening my mouth or writing to answer these four questions:

Why am I upset?  

Is this really a problem or is it based on some fear or insecurity that has nothing to do with reality?

Is this about the present or the past?  

Would reacting to this help the situation or anyone involved?

Roma Wright

No opt-in prizes, bribes or junk mail

Just short emails sharing thoughts, inspiration and insights into my world and the world of other #over50rebels

Glad you joined in! look forward to the conversation :-)

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