I never really had a “plan”. To the extent that there was one it was to explore and experience all that life had to offer. 📜💃🌎

My top ranked “aptitudes” as determined by the standardized high school career placement test were social worker, psychologist, real estate agent, marketing rep, attorney, reporter and writer.  An arbitrary and eclectic line-up for sure.🤑🤯🤓

40 years later I had managed to knock three off the list but it wasn’t with any real intention. ☑️✅✔️

Opportunities were presented and I went with the flow.🌊⛈️⛲

When you have a young family career decisions are made by necessity and based on what pays the bills, not what feeds your soul.  It is a rip tide that washes you far out to sea. 🌊⛴️🐙

But when the seas have calmed and the gulls have left their nest the tide returns you to a beautiful shore, exactly where you intended to be. 🌴🌴🌴

This is the gift of the second half the opportunity to return to ourselves to discover true intentions. 📜📜📜

I’m curious, did you have a plan?  Did you go where you intended? Did it bring you back around?

Roma Wright

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