“If you’re thinking about how your audience will respond to what you’ve created, by definition you’re not present”. –Srinivos Rao 
Think of the last time you were in the “zone” and created something that just flowed magically out into the world. Like beautiful colors flowing freely in the water.
Satisfied and proud of what you have brought into the world, your 5 year old does her happy dance.
At that moment you were truly in the present and guided by the muse.
Moments later your critic steps in and drags you into an uncertain and fearful future.
Everything changes and your heart sinks.  What was I thinking? Oh crap, I shouldn’t have posted that, what will people think?
Do you hit delete or wait for the fall out?
If you remain submerged the world will never see your beautiful colors.

Wait for the fallout.  The onslaught you fear will likely never come.
Perhaps many will thank you for expressing what had been previously unsaid or unseen.
Perhaps there will be only one.
It doesn’t matter because you have done your job.
You have allowed yourself to pass on the message that someone else may have desperately needed at that very moment.

In this way we contribute to the whole.
The world is full of graphics, messages and memes carefully crafted to elicit the desired response.🎭
Most fall flat. Why? they lack sincerity, passion and depth.
The world doesn’t need more noise added to the status quo.   
It needs you. Be present over perfect and let your colors flow.

Roma Wright

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