Midlife over50 is a time for reinvention and exploring new paths

Making It Happen

Write Your Future a Letter

Like most people, I never had much luck with New Years Resolutions.  They just never seemed to stick.  That is until I  stumbled upon this method years ago.

When Your Rental Property Goes Sideways

Your former primary residence may be a horrible income property, especially if the monthly rental income is barely covering the mortgage, insurance and taxes. Add maintenance costs, wear and tear, and the emotional costs associated with tenant issues and it can quickly become a bottomless pit. Here is a quick analysis to help you decide.

Are You Hiding Inside Your Stuff?

In our society, money is a shield.  It brings respect and privilege (deserved or not). We learn early on that the way to be successful is to dress for success.  Dress your car, dress your house, dress your life. After all, first impressions are everything. We are basically peacocks.

Can Your Kids Afford to Inherit Your House?

If you believe all you need is a will, and that trusts are only for the wealthy, you are not alone, but you are also wrong.  There is a common misconception that a Will automatically transfers your property to your heirs.  It isn’t that simple, especially when it comes to your children and grandchildren.

Are You Tiptoeing Through Midlife?

It seems that the first half of our life is spent tiptoeing.  Getting ahead means maintaining the status quo. We tiptoe around our bosses, around the PTA, around the neighbors, friends and relatives and yes, some even still tiptoe through the tulips. Sorry, couldn't...

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