One Minute Muse


Most of us spend the majority or our lives crafting the perfect YOU.  A YOU that approaches every situation professionally and struggles to always say the right thing in the right way at the right time.  A YOU that everyone else can identify with and relate to. It is easy to drown in an ocean of YOU.

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Enjoy the Journey

Young children do not worry about unseen holes in the snow and find joy in each moment.  The magic of childhood wonder is the lack of fear. Every experience is fresh, without the baggage of the past to ruin the present moment.

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Rat in a Maze

I spent my 30’s making big bucks working for a Wall Street Misogynist.💸💸  Every day after work I would blast my theme song on the CD player on repeat as I drove home to my husband I no longer liked and my two children whom I loved but had little quality time to spend...

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Where I Intended to Be

I never really had a “plan”. To the extent that there was one it was to explore and experience all that life had to offer. 📜💃🌎My top ranked “aptitudes” as determined by the standardized high school career placement test were social worker, psychologist, real estate...

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This Must be the Place

“If you’re thinking about how your audience will respond to what you’ve created, by definition you’re not present”. -Srinivos Rao 🎨Think of the last time you were in the “zone” and created something that just flowed magically out into the world. Like beautiful colors...

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