Midlife over50 is a time for reinvention and exploring new paths

Mud, Toes and Freedom

Shoes were a big deal in the poor cotton farming communities of the 1930’s, A sign of prosperity and class. To go barefoot meant your family couldn’t afford shoes. And so she never left the house without them, even when they were too small.

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We Need to Begin Thinking Again – Seek First to Understand

Stephen Covey’s famous quote “Seek First to Understand, then seek to be understood” is far from just a marketing meme, it is the key to all communications. Communication and understanding are the key to democracy. Our democracy is on the verge of collapse because of the dogmatic and polarized nature of our respective echo chambers. We need to begin thinking again. This begins with understanding.

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Should the 1% collect Social Security?

$3,547 barely covers the insurance on Michael’s toys, but he will tell you in no uncertain terms that it doesn’t matter whether or not he needs the money, it’s the principal of the thing and he is entitled to receive his Social Security benefits. As an attorney, one of his favorite sayings is “sometimes you just have to rise above principal”. I would argue he should rise above this one.

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In Search of the Lizard King

There are over 70,000 plots at Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. The “tiny houses” and memorials cover a sprawling 110 acres of streets and you can easily spend an entire day exploring. There are many famous people residing there, including the Lizard King.

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Thinking Outside the Box

Yes, we are living in amazing times. None of the old rules seem to apply anymore. So what else is new, we’ve been reinventing ourselves since the beginning. Creating our second chapter without a net will be our biggest challenge and the new solutions we find will change society.

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