You can never leave footprints that last if you are always walking on tiptoes

It seems that the first half of our life is spent tiptoeing.  Getting ahead means maintaining the status quo. We tiptoe around our bosses, around the PTA, around the neighbors, friends and relatives and yes, some even still tiptoe through the tulips.

Sorry, couldn’t help it

The problem with all that tiptoeing is that by the time we hit midlife we have forgotten who we really are, what we really want, and what we really need.

Do you really need a new car and new car payment every two years?  Do you  really want to continue paying for and maintaining a 4 bedroom home after the kids are gone?  Do you really want to stay at the job that is killing your soul just so you can continue to pay for all these things?

How much do you spend every month to maintain a lifestyle that is actually keeping you from doing those things that you really do want and need?

We are living in amazing times of rapid change.  It’s challenging, but also exciting because the new technologies have given us freedoms that were never possible before.  Every year it becomes easier to continue working in your own field remotely.

In fact, 43% of Americans say they spend at least a portion of their time working remotely.  The gig economy is alive and well and many midlife career changers have chosen the flexibility of consulting and freelancing.

We have the opportunity to create a new standard for the second half of life by staying relevant, healthy and engaged.  We can create a legacy of living our truth and realizing our creative potential that our children will be proud to follow for their second act.

If you want to leave a footprint in your second half, rethink the path you are on and find a way to make it happen.



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