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Mud, Toes and Freedom

Shoes were a big deal in the poor cotton farming communities of the 1930’s, A sign of prosperity and class. To go barefoot meant your family couldn’t afford shoes. And so she never left the house without them, even when they were too small.

Can Your Kids Afford to Inherit Your House?

If you believe all you need is a will, and that trusts are only for the wealthy, you are not alone, but you are also wrong.  There is a common misconception that a Will automatically transfers your property to your heirs.  It isn’t that simple, especially when it comes to your children and grandchildren.

Staying Relevant in the Age of Irrelevance

By the time you reach your 50’s, you know alot of stuff. Whether or not it is relevant is another question. Knowledge or “knowing” quickly becomes obsolete. But wisdom, that is something different. Wisdom can only be found in understanding.

Confessions of an Ageist

My name is Roma and I’m an ageist. Strange revelation for someone who gets senior discounts at the hardware store and has been writing about the need to tackle ageism head on.


  The retirement funding crisis is about to hit this country like a sledgehammer. The financial and social implications of this crisis are far reaching and our children (aka younger GenX and Millennial) will bear the brunt of this unless reforms are made soon....

Are You Tiptoeing Through Midlife?

It seems that the first half of our life is spent tiptoeing.  Getting ahead means maintaining the status quo. We tiptoe around our bosses, around the PTA, around the neighbors, friends and relatives and yes, some even still tiptoe through the tulips. Sorry, couldn't...

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